Power System Instrumentation and Measurements Committee

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PSIM Officers

Chair: Farnoosh Rahmatian

Vice-Chair: Jim McBride

Secretary: TBA

Standards Coordinator: Eddy So

IEEE PES Power Systems Instrumentation And Measurements Committee Scope

  • Treatment of all matters in which the dominant factor is the manual or automatic instrumentation and measurement of the electrical parameters of equipment and systems for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power. As well as the measurement of current, voltage, power and power factor for various applications, the following are included in the Committee’s purview:

-  Digital Techniques in Electrical Measurements
-  Electricity Metering
-  Power Quality
-  High Voltage Testing Techniques
-  RLC Measurements

  • Sponsorship and development (either alone or jointly with other technical committees and/or organizations) of standards, recommended practices, guidelines and policies as well as preparation of position papers and/or documents, technical conferences and/or sessions on matters related to items above.
  • Liaison and cooperation with other technical committees, societies, groups and associations concerned with various aspects of items above.

PSIM subcommittees include

  • Administrative Subcommittee
  • Digital Techniques And Electrical Measurements Subcommittee
  • Electricity Metering Subcommittee
  • High Voltage Testing Techniques Subcommittee
  • RLC Measurements Subcommittee
  • Recognition And Awards Subcommittee
  • Standards Subcommittee